Is Daniels Jake?

Is Daniels Jake?

Although their appearances are very similar, Jake and Daniels are two completely different people: the first is an unemployed redneck ultra-nationalist alive by 1989, while the latter is a teacher in civilian life who likely died in 1985, apparently without relevant political views, and relatively calm.

Are there secrets in Hotline Miami 2?

There are three hidden trophies players can get in Hotline Miami 2, and each one covers something secret — a returning playable character, an Easter egg, and an additional scene to unlock.

Is Jacket playable in hm2?

As of the Hotline Miami 2 Update, Jacket is now a playable character and is unlocked by purchasing the Digital Special Edition of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.

Are there multiple endings to Hotline Miami 2?

Alternate Endings to Missions There are two missions where you can get a somewhat different outcome to the events that unfold in the story. They involve either interacting with an item or not dying in a specific part of a mission. These are usually tied to trophies you can earn.

Does Jacket talk?

Jacket is the first heister who doesn’t speak, but rather communicates through “an 80s model dictaphone”. He does audibly pant after running low on stamina, however.