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How do you spend your snow days?

How do you spend your snow days?

Read on to learn how.

  1. Host a Snow Day Soup Swap. Watch the forecast closely to plan a snow day soup swap ahead of time.
  2. Make Snow Day Margaritas + Play Games. Snow Day Margaritas.
  3. Arm-Knit a Blanket.
  4. Get Your Bake On.
  5. Dive Into Aromatherapy.
  6. Make a Winter Wreath.
  7. Get an Early Start on V-Day Cards.
  8. Make It an At-Home Spa Day.

What is the best thing about a snow day?

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  • 1 Snow days let you sleep in.
  • 2 Playing outside counts as major exercise.
  • 3 Spending the day curled up with a good book may also improve your health and happiness.
  • 4 Snow days force us to take a break.
  • 5 It’s an opportunity to eat a home-cooked family meal.
  • 6 Having fun is good for you.

What did you do on your snow day?

Outdoor snow day activities for kids

  • Sledding. Sledding has become a beloved winter activity for our family.
  • Snowman building.
  • Snow maze.
  • Snowball fight.
  • Look for animal tracks.
  • Snowball target practice.
  • Ice experiments.
  • Snow painting.

How do you bring snow?

How to Make a Snow Day Happen

  1. Put a spoon under your pillow.
  2. Wear your pajamas inside out and backwards.
  3. Drop One Ice Cube in The Toilet for Every Inch of Snow you Want.
  4. Shake a Snow Globe Every Time You Walk Past One.
  5. Eat Ice Cream the Night Before.
  6. Say Your Prayers.
  7. Send them outside.
  8. Be Stocked Up on Food.

What do you like to do on a snow day?

20 Things to do on a Snow Day:

  • Make snow ice cream.
  • Paint the snow with DIY snow paint.
  • Make giant frozen ballon marbles.
  • Make an obstacle course around the living room.
  • Conduct a science experiment.
  • Write a secret message using invisible ink, aka lemon juice.

What’s the benefits of snow?

Without snow, milder temperatures and the sun could warm the soil surface, leading to damage from soil heaving, which can break roots and dry out plant parts. Snow also helps conserve soil moisture over the winter. If you have not yet mulched perennial beds, with snow, you may not have to.

How do you do the Snow Day dance?

My eight-year-old daughter, has decided on a nightly ritual that’s supposed to help bring on a snow day. It’s not really a dance but it’s definitely a ritual. This is what she does: Wear pajamas backwards and inside out, place ice cubes in all toilets in your house, and sleep with spoons under your pillow.

What does it mean to put a spoon under your pillow?

DURSIN: Well, the snow day ritual is this: On the night before a potential snowstorm, if you wear your PJs on inside out and put a spoon under your pillow, you will have a day off from school the next day.

What are snow day superstitions?

1: Turn your pajamas inside out and wear them to sleep. 2: Place an ice cube in the toilet and flush it (one for each inch of snow you want). 3: Sleep with a spoon under your pillow.

What do you need for a snow day?

Here’s a list of supplies you’ll need for the best snow day ever to stay safe, comfortable, entertained, and well fed:

  1. Coffee Or Tea.
  2. Rain/Snow Boots.
  3. Your Favorite Snacks.
  4. Your Favorite Magazines And/Or A New Book.
  5. A Flashlight, Batteries, And Candles.
  6. Hot Chocolate With All The Trimmings.
  7. Hat, Scarf, And Gloves.
  8. Pictionary.