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What vaccinations do horses need UK?

What vaccinations do horses need UK?

As standard, all horses in the UK should be vaccinated against Equine Influenza and Tetanus. This is not only highly beneficial for your horse but will stop these diseases being passed on from horse to horse. Most horses will be vaccinated for both diseases which can become fatal (particularly if they catch tetanus).

How often should horses be vaccinated UK?

How often? A primary course of two vaccinations given four to six weeks apart, followed by a booster 12 months later. Subsequent vaccinations can be given at two yearly intervals.

What is the vaccination schedule for horses?

Vaccination Schedule for Foals and Broodmares

Equine Vaccines Foal
Tetanus 1st at 4 months, 2nd at 5 months
Rhinoneumonitis 1st at 5 months, 2nd at 6 months, continue to boost every 3 months
Influenza 1st at 5 months, 2nd at 6 months, continue to boost every 3 months
Rabies 1st at 4 months, boost at 5 months, then boost annually

What vaccinations do horses need and how often?

Summary. To recap, your horse should at least receive EWT/WN and Rabies vaccinations once a year. In general, we recommend that your horse receive EWT/WN, PHF/Rabies, Strangles, and Flu/Rhino in the Spring, and PHF and Flu/Rhino in the Fall.

Do horses need vaccinations every year UK?

We recommend that all horse, pony and donkey owners regularly vaccinate their animals in order to prevent some serious and potentially life-threatening, diseases. Those most commonly vaccinated for are equine influenza, tetanus and for breeding stock, equine herpes virus (EHV).

Do horses need booster shots?

Veterinarians generally administer fall vaccines in September to early October. In horses that have been vaccinated previously, these protocols typically include a booster vaccination with EIV and EHV-1/4.

What is EWT vaccine?

West Nile-Innovator ® + EWT is a vaccine against West Nile virus, against equine encephalomyelitis due to Eastern and Western viruses and against tetanus.

What vaccines do horses need in the spring?

Spring Vaccines

Vaccine Who Should Get It? Other info.
Rabies All horses.
Tetanus All horses. May be boostered at 6+ months if at risk.
West Nile Virus All horses. Boostered at 6 months if traveling to a warmer climate.
Eastern Equine Encephalitis All horses. Boostered at 6 months if traveling to a warmer climate.

Do older horses need vaccinations every year?

Vaccinated horses need an annual booster, which can be given at any time of year. If the horse gets a wound and it has been more than six months since his last booster, he should have another.

What is the most important vaccine your horse should get?

The AAEP considers the “core vaccines” which all horses should have regardless of their age or use to be Rabies vaccine, Encephalitis/Tetanus vaccine, and West Nile Virus vaccine. Many horses, based on their age and use, should also be vaccinated for the respiratory diseases- Influenza, Rhinopneumonitis, and Strangles.