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Who is Niyok?

Who is Niyok?

Niyok was the sister of Nutha and a friend of Katara’s from the Southern Water Tribe. In order to find a job and make a living, she and her sister left the tribe for the Earth Kingdom, where they were hired to work at the Earthen Fire Refinery.

Was gran gran a bender?

Kanna, referred to by her grandchildren as “Gran Gran”, was Katara and Sokka’s caring paternal grandmother. She was a nonbender and the oldest resident of the Southern Water Tribe.

Is Katara Korra’s grandma?

By the time of The Legend of Korra, Katara was the matriarch of the Southern Water Tribe, a master healer, widowed, a mother and a grandmother. Thus her role in The Legend of Korra series was small as she gladly passed the torch to Korra’s generation.

Who is Katara and Sokka’s grandfather?

Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Fighting style Southern Tribe Yang-style
Family Hakoda (father; deceased in The Legend of Korra) Kya (mother; deceased) Sokka (older brother; deceased)
Spouse Aang (deceased)
Children Bumi (son) Kya (daughter) Tenzin (son)

Is kataras mom a waterbender?

However, Katara’s mother wasn’t a Waterbender. As Hama explains to Katara in “The Puppetmaster,” she was able to escape her imprisonment because she developed the sub-bending style known as bloodbending.

What race is Toph?

Toph Beifong
Gender Female
Children Lin Beifong (daughter), Suyin Beifong (daughter)
Nationality Earth Kingdom
Bending element Earthbending

Is Hama related to Katara?

Early life. Hama initially lived in the Southern Water Tribe. In her youth, Hama was close friends with Kanna, the grandmother of Sokka and Katara. However, as the raids continued, more and more waterbenders were captured, until Hama was the last waterbender standing in the Southern Tribe.