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How do you convert NURBS to Polygons in Maya?

How do you convert NURBS to Polygons in Maya?

Select the NURBS surface and choose Modify > Convert > NURBS to Polygons. A polygonal representation of the surface is created at the same position as the NURBS surface.

How do you combine NURBS shapes?

How to Combine Two Nurbs Surfaces in Maya

  1. Create a Nurbs Plane by choosing Create > Nurbs Primitives > Plane.
  2. With the plane selected, choose Edit > Duplicate.
  3. Select the first plane, then shift select the second.
  4. In the options you can Connect or Blend the objects.

How do you use NURBS curves in Maya?

Draw NURBS curves

  1. Select Create > Curve Tools > CV Curve Tool.
  2. Click to place the CVs. The first CV looks like a hollow box; subsequent CVs are dots. Hulls are drawn between the CVs as you place them. For each CV after the third one you place, the shape of the curve is drawn.
  3. Press Enter to finish the curve.

How do you curve a polygon in Maya?

Select your closed Bezier curve, and open the settings for the Surfaces->Planar tool. You can set the Output Geometry to Polygons, and the type to Quads (if you want) as shown below.

How do you convert a curve to mesh?

How to convert a curve to mesh in blender – Quora. Quick Answer: In Blender 2.80+ you can find curve-to-mesh in the right click context menu when a curve is selected in object mode. In Older versions you can use the shortcut ‘Alt+C’. Press Alt+C and select Mesh from Curve/Meta/Surf/Text in object mode.

How do I merge surfaces in Maya?

Select the curves and choose Curves > Attach. Join two surfaces at the edges that are closest. Select the surfaces. To move the surfaces together, choose Surfaces > Attach.

How do I convert curves to Polygons in Maya?

Select Modify > Convert > NURBS to Polygons > to set the Polygon Edges to Curve Options. Converts the selected subdivision surface(s) to polygons. Select Modify > Convert > Subdiv to Polygons > to set the Subdiv to Polygons Options.

What is the difference between NURBS and Polygons?

The difference between NURBS and Polygons is NURBS use curves and splines, whereas Polygons use flat and straight lines and vertices to create a mesh. NURBS are most commonly used in engineering models where accuracy is paramount. Polygons create solid planes and shapes by drawing lines between specific vertices.