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Who to Ask for Help If You Struggle with Your Math Homework?

Everyone has got their favourite subject. It is something they are good at and they have interest in. But then sometimes there are classes that one just can not fully grasp. For some of us, it is math. Maybe it is not something that you are interested in, or maybe you skipped an important part of the course due to an illness. Then you suddenly find yourself struggling with homework because of your lack of attention in class. This article will tell you where can you find help with your math homework.


No matter what grade or year you are in, you probably have some friends among your classmates. Ask them to do math homework together or just show them the part you are struggling with and ask for help. Even if you do not have any close friends in your class, ask someone who is definitely keen on math for help. It is a good way to figure out a problem that stumped you and make a new friend along the way.


Now, it is understandable if you are embarrassed to go to your teacher if you could not finish your homework. There is a wide variety of reasons for that:

  • Feeling less smart than everyone who did not need help;
  • Looking like a failure in front of everyone;
  • The teacher being angry or disappointed;
  • The teacher telling your parents that you are failing;
  • Being stubborn and self-conscious.

But you should try talking to your teacher one on one about your problem regardless. It is their job to help you learn after all. Do not worry about them, being upset that you failed to understand them or that they failed to educate you. Your request will only show how dedicated you are to succeeding in their class and they cannot be angry with you for that, can they?


Your parents may not be involved with math in their line of work, but you should remember that they were students once too. Try asking them about the problem that causes you trouble and they might be able to help. Do not get frustrated if they do not know the answer though, as after years and years without practice their skills in math may not be as sharp as they were during their student days.

The Internet

Nowadays, it is the place most students go to when seeking help with their homework, and math is no exception. There are two paths that you can take while using this method.

The first one is to try and figure everything out for yourself. Read some online articles, look at some graphs or maybe watch an educational video. This method is good in allowing you to figure everything out by yourself so that when you finally do it you can safely say that you have it all figured out. The downside is, if you are really stuck, you may just confuse yourself more while learning nothing.

The second method is to ask someone to help you solve your homework and then figure it all out by reverse engineering the methods that they used to solve it. Try not to ask for help on forums or in threads, as people there may not always be correct. Instead, seek the help of professionals, like on the site

Either of these methods is fin, just choose whatever suits you best.


If you feel like you are far behind on your math assignments, you should consider finding someone who will help you out during individual classes. This method is very effective because your tutor will be working with you on your flaws in particular and explain everything to you in a way that will suit your state of mind. Do not be shy, as a good tutor can create a friendly atmosphere during your math lessons. Who knows, maybe your tutor will be able to spark your interest in math and make it your favourite subject?