What is the Gold Mountain in No-Name Woman?

What is the Gold Mountain in No-Name Woman?

“Gold Mountain” is another name for America, particularly California, where the men in Kingston’s family had agreed to meet after immigrating from their native Canton province in China. The Gold Mountain represents opportunity. Its description as “gold” references the California Gold Rush of 1848-1852.

What is the role of ghosts in The Woman Warrior?

An important facet of ghosts in the story is that they change depending on the point of view. To Brave Orchid, everyone in America who is not Chinese is a ghost; the most important world is the world of emigrant Chinese around her. But to Americans or Chinese-Americans, it is often the Chinese who are ghosts.

Who is the narrator in The Woman Warrior?

Maxine Hong Kingston

What is Hawaii’s talk story?

In Hawaii, ‘talk story’ is pidgin for talking with old friends, passing time by chit-chatting, or rekindling old times.

What is talk story in The Woman Warrior?

In The Woman Warrior, Kingston has experimented with a new kind of “talk-story” writing in blending family stories, cultural myths, fantasy, autobiographical details, and history, as she attempts to model her work on the familial talk-story culture she was nurtured in.

Where does the woman warrior take place?

setting (place) The events recollected in “No-Name Woman” take place in the New Society Village in China, and much of “Shaman” is set at Brave Orchid’s medical school in Canton. The rest of the work (not including the imaginary story of Fa Mu Lan) is set in Stockton, California, where Kingston grew up.

Who Is No Name Woman?

No Name Woman, which is the name that Kingston grants her shamed aunt, had the baby in the early summer, according to Brave Orchid. The villagers “had been counting” the months from the time No Name Woman’s husband left until she got pregnant. They raided the family’s home “on the night the baby was to be born.”

Where does no-name woman take?


What is talk story?

Talk Story: What it Means “Talk Story” is a Hawaiian expression that means “to chat informally” or “to shoot the breeze.” A linguistic scholar describes it as “a rambling personal experience mixed with folk materials” [1], while author Maxine Hong Kingston uses the term to describe a Chinese / Chinese-American …