How do I beat the Gkt reading?

How do I beat the Gkt reading?

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How long does the Gkt take?

FTCE General Knowledge Exam OverviewSubtests:Mathematics, Reading, English Language Skills and EssayTime to complete Reading subtest:55 minutesTime to complete Mathematics subtest:1 hour and 40 minutesTime to complete English Language Skills subtest:40 minutesTime to complete Essay subtest:50 minutes2

How much does the Gkt cost?

For the FTCE General Knowledge Test, the testing fee is $130 for your first attempt and $150 for any subsequent taking of the exam. It costs the same amount no matter how many subject areas of the test you intend to complete, so for most test-takers, it makes sense to try to pass all four subtests in one sitting.

How much is the FTCE professional education test?

General Knowledge TestTesting ConfigurationNew FeeAll 4 subtests (1st Attempt and Retake)$1303 subtests (1st Attempt and Retake)$97.502 subtests (1st Attempt and Retake)$651 subtest (1st Attempt and Retake)$32.50

What is a professional education competence program?

Professional Education Competence (PEC) Program. This program is one of the Florida Department of Education requirements to move from a temporary to a professional teaching certificate. This program is necessary for educators who have not completed a senior internship in a school setting.

What do you need to get a temporary teaching certificate in Florida?

For a Temporary Educator’s Certificate, applicants must:Hold at least a bachelor’s degree.Obtain a position within a Florida school.Submit fingerprints for a background check.Prove content knowledge through degree and course requirements and pass the appropriate subject area examination.