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What is ACI EAP?

What is ACI EAP?

ACI’s EAP provides comprehensive clinical assessment, support and referral services to help employees address a wide range of personal and professional concerns, including emotional wellness, stress management, family and relationship issues, anxiety and depression, grief, anger management and substance abuse.

Does ACI have a mobile app?

Be a part of the concrete community by using ACI Mobile from the American Concrete Institute. Find the correct definition for a concrete term, search the ACI Catalog, access ACI’s entire web site, and even get current weather conditions for your job site (based on your current location) all in one convenient place.

What is leverage concierge?

Leverage Concierge offers customized patient care services to help clients deliver superior service to patients and family members and maximize healthcare outcomes. Programs are designed to reduce patient stress, improve recovery and increase patient satisfaction.