What is the AHA program administration manual?

What is the AHA program administration manual?

Q: What is the AHA Program Administration Manual—US Version (US PAM)? A: The AHA’s US PAM covers all aspects of program administration and training for the educational courses of the AHA’s CPR and ECC programs. The PAM is intended to supplement current ECC information and training materials.

What are the 5 steps of the AHA instruction cycle?

A: The 5 steps of the AHA Instruction Cycle are prepare, teach, test and remediate, close, and keep current. More information can be found on each step of the AHA Instruction Cycle in the online portion of the Instructor Essentials Course.

What is the minimum number of courses you can teach within a 2 year period to maintain AHA instructor status?

four AHA courses
Teach four AHA courses in the two year instructor certification period to maintain the certification and be eligible for renewal. 2. Be monitored at least once during the two year certification period by the Training Center Coordinator.

What does Pam stand for in AHA?

Page 2. AHA Program Administration Manual: Seventh Edition, US Version. 1. Contents.

How does an instructor become a TC faculty member?

Training Center Faculty Criteria

  1. Training Center Faculty Criteria.
  2. Each Training Center (TC) must appoint at least 1 Training Center Faculty (TCF) in each discipline it teaches.
  3. • The candidate must have been an instructor for a minimum of 2 years or has taught a.

What are the AHA core competencies?

AHA Instructor core competencies. AHA Instructor and course policies. High quality BLS skills including effective chest compressions, use of a bag-mask device, and use of an AED. BLS Courses – Health Care Provider, Heartsaver, Community.

What is the prerequisite to becoming an AHA instructor?

The AHA requires that Instructors be at least 16 years of age for Heartsaver Instructor and BLS Instructor courses. ACLS and PALS Instructors must be at least 18 years of age and licensed or certified in a healthcare occupation where such skills are within the provider scope of practice.

How do I become an affiliate with AHA training centers?

How to Affiliate as an American Heart Association Instructor

  1. Dedicated full time Training Site Liaison and Client Solution Specialists.
  2. Electronic roster processing through Enrollware.
  3. Fast roster processing.
  4. Immediate eCard issuance for established Training Sites.

How do I maintain instructor status?

To maintain your ALSO Approved Instructor status, you must meet two requirements every three years:

  1. Teach in at least two courses*
  2. Complete the ALSO Online Instructor Renewal Course, in which participants review all updated content, attest to reviewing it, and claim credit upon completion.