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What are the 10 equipment safety tips?

What are the 10 equipment safety tips?

Top 10 Safety Tips for Heavy Equipment Operators

  • Avoid Blind Spots.
  • Maintain Constant Communication.
  • Wear Seat Belts.
  • Use the Three-Point Rule for Mounting and Dismounting.
  • Load and Unload Safely.
  • Do a Pre-Work Check for Hazards.
  • Avoid Unexpected Start-Up.
  • Know and Obey Load Limits.

What three precautions you should take when working around heavy equipment?

Ground-Worker Awareness and Safe Work Practices

  • Wear high-visibility clothing when working around heavy mobile equipment.
  • Avoid positioning themselves in a blind spot or riding on moving equipment.
  • Avoid setting up their work area near heavy mobile equipment.
  • Avoid walking or working under a suspended load.

What are the 3 main hazards of heavy machinery operation?

Situational awareness is a term used to describe a worker’s alertness, as well as an understanding of their surroundings and operations. You and your workers should be aware of the three potential hazards on a construction site: access, mechanical and non-mechanical.

What are the hazards when working around heavy equipment?

Hazards When Working Around Heavy Equipment. While falls and electrocutions are leading injury causes on construction sites, being struck by objects and caught in-between mechanical components and materials pertain more to heavy equipment operation than general site conditions.

What is the equipment safety?

Generally, safety equipment is the protection that is used by workers to avoid injuries, casualties, life threatening situations etc.. Different types of safety equipment are used by workers depending upon the nature of risk involved in the work.

What are the safety precautions in equipment?

7 types of personal protective equipment (PPE) to guarantee your safety

  • Safety for the head. Wearing a helmet offers protection and can prevent head injuries.
  • Protect your eyes.
  • Hearing protection.
  • Maintain a good respiration.
  • Protect your hands with the right gloves.
  • Protection for the feet.
  • Wear the correct work clothing.

How can we prevent equipment accidents?

Safety Tips to Reduce the Risk of Heavy Machinery Accidents

  1. Avoid Interfering with Moving Machinery.
  2. Create a Work Plan.
  3. Only Use Machinery for Which You are Properly Trained.
  4. Use Adequate Machine Guards.
  5. Wear the Proper Safety Gear.
  6. Contact a Machinery Accident Lawyer.

What are the safety measures while using construction equipment?

Operators should also ensure that the work area is absolutely clear before moving or backing up the equipment. Make sure that you don’t leave the machine on a slope with the engine running as this may put the machine into motion. Take extra care while working near the edges of cuts or fills.

What are the basic guidelines for equipment safety?

10 Basic Safety Rules For Using Hand Tools

  • Inspect regularly. Regularly inspect your tools to make sure that they are in good condition.
  • Wear gloves.
  • Carry with care.
  • Don’t pocket sharp objects.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Use the right tools.
  • Follow instructions.
  • Clean and return.

What type of safety equipment is commonly used?

Personal protective equipment
Personal protective equipment, commonly referred to as “PPE”, is equipment worn to minimize exposure to a variety of hazards. Examples of PPE include such items as gloves, foot and eye protection, protective hearing devices (earplugs, muffs) hard hats, respirators and full body suits.