Who was fastest in Formula 1 practice today?

Who was fastest in Formula 1 practice today?

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton was fastest for Mercedes on the opening day of Abu Dhabi Grand Prix practice at Yas Marina on Friday, ahead of Formula 1 2021’s final round. His Red Bull title rival Max Verstappen was quickest in FP1, but Hamilton set the fastest time of the day in FP2 at 1m23. 691s.

Who won Spanish F1 today?

Lewis Hamilton wins the Spanish Grand Prix! That’s three wins in four races for him and 98th in total. Verstappen crosses in second with fastest lap. Bottas third.

Who was fastest in practice 3?

Practice 3 results

1 Hamilton HAM 1:23.274
2 Verstappen VER +0.214s
3 Bottas BOT +0.751s
4 Perez PER +0.773s

Who topped FP1 today?

Verstappen’s leading in time in FP1, which will get beaten as the weekend goes, was around 12 seconds quicker than he managed when he topped the same session last year….Practice 1 results.

1 Verstappen VER 1:25.009
2 Bottas BOT +0.196s
3 Hamilton HAM +0.346s
4 Perez PER +0.354s

Who won 2021 Grand Prix?

Max Verstappen
2021 Formula One World Championship/Winners
Red Bull’s Max Verstappen won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at Yas Marina on Sunday to claim the 2021 Formula 1 World Championship, passing rival Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes on the final lap of the season.

Where did Hamilton finish in the Grand Prix?

Hamilton finished the race in fourth place, while Bottas took his second ever Grand Prix victory. Vettel finished in second to extend his championship lead to 20 points over Hamilton.

What happened in Spanish Grand Prix?

An incredible, tense race-long battle between Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton saw Hamilton triumph for his sixth Spanish Grand Prix win, the reigning world champion brilliantly executing a two-stop strategy to claim his third win in four races this season, as Verstappen finished ahead of the …

Who was fastest in F1 practice 3 today?

Practice 3 results

  • Verstappen VER. 1:28.100.
  • Hamilton HAM. +0.214s.
  • Perez PER. +0.529s.
  • Tsunoda TSU. +0.541s.
  • Gasly GAS.

Will Verstappen take Hamilton out at Abu Dhabi?

The final race of the 2021 season of Formula One is all set to place at the Abu Dhabi GP, where Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen will battle it out for the Driver’s Championship. This is only the second time in Formula One history that two racers are level on points before the final race of the season.