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What is shackle diameter?

What is shackle diameter?

Padlocks tend to be measured by body size (width), the larger the body, the thicker the shackle, and greater the horizontal and vertical clearance will be. The Squire SS/50 has a 10mm shackle and the larger SS80 has a 15mm shackle so these are some of the biggest and strongest padlocks on the market.

How is shackle diameter measured?

Place a measuring tape on a flat surface. Set the padlock’s shackle on top of the measuring tape’s tip with the left side of the shackle on the zero mark. Read the diameter of the shackle on the measuring tape where the right side of the shackle touches the measuring tape.

How are lock shackles measured?

The shackle length is measured from the top of the lock body to the inside of the shackle. The standard length varies by product and the optional lengths are designated in the product number: ie 3LF.

How thick is a Master Lock?

Product Description. The Master Lock No. 930DPF Solid Body Padlock features a 2-1/2in (64mm) wide solid steel lock body that is strong, durable and resists corrosion. The 7/16in (11mm) diameter shackle is 1-1/8in (29mm) long and made of hardened boron alloy, offering maximum resistance to cutting and sawing.

What is the diameter of a padlock?

As a rough rule of thumb, a shackle up to 7mm in diameter can be considered to be low-security, from 7 to 9mm – medium-security and 10mm or bigge’ – high-security.

What is a 50mm padlock?

Solid brass padlock with a 50mm body and 8mm dia. hardened steel shackle. 8mm diameter shackle with Nano coating provides additional corrosion protection. The padlock is non-key-retaining and can be locked with the key withdrawn by pushing the shackle down when in the open position. Supplied with 2 cut keys.

What does 40mm mean in padlock?

A 40mm padlock means the width of the padlock body is 40mm. Dimension “A” in the picture below. The shackle diameter “C”, will usually scale up or down according to “A”.