Can PowerPoint presentations be displayed over the Internet?

Can PowerPoint presentations be displayed over the Internet?

Using PowerPoint for Windows you can broadcast your PowerPoint presentation over the Internet to a remote audience. While you present the slide show inside PowerPoint, your audience members follow along in their web browsers.

How do I control PowerPoint slides wirelessly?

On your Android, install Office Remote for Android. Once done pairing devices, open the PowerPoint you wish to present and go to the “Office Remote” tab. From there, select “Office Remote” and then “Turn On”. Now run PowerPoint on your desktop and then open Office Remote on your Android phone.

How do I open a PowerPoint presentation on the Internet?

Create and open a presentation in PowerPoint for the web

  1. Go to Or sign in to, select the Office 365 App Launcher.
  2. Select New blank presentation, open a Recent file, or select one of the themes.
  3. To name the presentation, select the title at the top and type a name.

Can you stream a PowerPoint?

If you have the Office 365 PowerPoint app: Create your presentation and record the audio as normal. Then go to File > Export and choose Publish to Microsoft Stream. You can set permissions here (option 3 below) but you can also set these later in Stream. Click on the message to view your video in Stream.

What is the difference between PowerPoint presentation and PowerPoint show?

PPT and PPTX files are PowerPoint Presentation files. PPS and PPSX files are PowerPoint Slide Show files. These files automatically open in slide show/presentation mode and are viewable on any computer using PowerPoint for the web or the mobile app.

How can I control my PowerPoint remotely?

Use Office Remote to present On your PC, open the file you want to present and on the Office Remote tab, select Office Remote, Turn On. On your phone, open Office Remote. The file you opened in step 1 and any others that are open on your PC should appear. Tap to open one and start presenting.

How does a clicker work with PowerPoint?

How Does a Presentation Clicker Work? A presentation clicker works by connecting to a computer wirelessly using a Bluetooth connection (often using a Bluetooth receiver). Once connected, it allows the presenter to move the slides forward or backward in the presentation mode using the buttons present on the clicker.

Can you publish a PowerPoint to YouTube?

Unfortunately, YouTube can only accept video files. A PowerPoint presentation may have video and audio elements embedded in it, but it is still not a video file. You need to convert your presentation to a video file to upload it to YouTube.