Why is Collateral rated R?

Why is Collateral rated R?

Parents need to know that this movie is extremely violent, with constant tension and peril and many graphic shoot-outs. Many people are killed. Characters use very strong language, drink and smoke, and there are references to drugs and drug dealing.

What is the movie Collateral rated?

RCollateral / MPAA rating

What is the movie Collateral about?

After a long day, LA taxi driver Max is about to knock off when sharp-suited Vincent offers him $600 to make five stops. Sounds good until Vincent turns out to be a merciless hitman and each one of those stops involves a hit. As the night goes on, Max starts to wonder if he’ll live to see the sunrise, as the pair are hunted by the police and the FBI.Collateral / Film synopsis

Is Collateral movie worth watching?

Filled with fantastic camera-work, editing, and a great car crash sequence, this film is one to watch! It was nominated the Oscar for Best Editing, and it won the BAFTA for Best Cinematography, and it was nominated for Best Editing, Best Original Screenplay, Best Sound and the David Lean Award for Direction.

Is collateral rated R?

Collateral [2004] [R] – 1.7.

Is collateral gory?

A little violent. A good show to watch with the older kids.

Is Collateral gory?

Is there nudity in Collateral damage?

SEX/NUDITY 2 – A few women are shown in tight-fitting tank tops that expose cleavage. A man appears to be flirting with two women. A man and his son shower alongside each other and we see their bare shoulders.

Is Collateral rated R?

Will there be a Collateral 2 movie?

Collateral on Netflix: Season 2 Won’t Happen, Says Creator | IndieWire.

Is Collateral based on a true story?

Not based on a true story, the film is based on a script by Stuart Beattie. The Australian screenwriter and film director first conceived the idea for the film when taking a taxicab home from Sydney airport. He told Shooting People about his idea for a script in a February 2005 interview.