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What color eggs do French Black Copper Marans lay?

What color eggs do French Black Copper Marans lay?

dark chocolate brown egg
French Marans chickens are the official “dark chocolate brown egg” layers of the chicken world. They lay those super deep dark brown eggs that you might have seen gracing Instagram on various backyard chicken keepers accounts.

How many eggs do Black Copper Marans lay?

Most Black Copper Maran hens lay between 150 and 200 chocolate brown eggs, which is considered standard.

What is the difference between a French Black Copper Maran and a Black Copper Maran?

There are several varieties of Marans chickens, but the French Black Copper Marans are in high demand right now. Unlike the Cuckoo Marans which are clean legged, the Black Copper Marans have lightly feathered legs. With their red single comb and orange eyes, this breed is a must-have and a show-stopper.

What are Maran eggs?

Marans chickens are well known for laying dark brown, almost chocolate colored eggs. I’ve heard them referred to as “the most expensive chicken eggs in the world” and until recently they have been fairly hard to come by. They are said to be prized by French chefs and are slightly harder to hatch then other breeds.

What size eggs do Maran chickens lay?

Egg Production
Eggs Per Week: 3 Eggs.
Color: Chocolate.
Size: Medium.

Are Black Copper Marans expensive?

Summary. Marans are still considered rare in the US, especially the Black Copper Marans. They are much more common in their homeland of France. These birds are expensive for a good reason.

How long do Copper Maran chickens live?

8+ years

Black Copper Marans Chicken
Beginner Friendly: Yes.
Lifespan: 8+ years.
Weight: Hen (6.5lb) and Rooster (8lb).
Color: Black and Copper.

How much does a Black copper Maran cost?

French Black Copper Marans

Item # Description 25+
BCMP Female 25+ $7.05
BCMC Male 25+ $4.09
BCMS Unsexed 25+ $5.53