Is a comma needed after for example?

Is a comma needed after for example?

“For example” is an added part of the sentence, so you need commas both before and after the added part. When we add parts to a sentence, we pause in speaking. The commas reflect this pause.

Should a comma come after for example?

Use either a comma or a semicolon before introductory words such as namely, that is, i.e., e.g., for example, or for instance, when they are followed by a series of items. Also put a comma after the introductory word: (35) You may be required to bring many items, for example, sleeping bags, pans, and warm clothing.

What is like in grammar?

Grammarly. · Grammar. The confusion in using like or as is caused by a lack of understanding of the words’ roles. In formal writing, like is used as a preposition, telling where, when or how the noun in the sentence is doing whatever it may be doing. As is used as a conjunction, joining two clauses.

Can you use for example to start a sentence?

Answer and Explanation: Yes, you can start a sentence with ‘forexample’. ‘For example’ is a prepositional phrase thatis built using the preposition ‘for’. e.g. is used to introduce examples in a sentence,so it’s always followed by an example or examples.