Is it better to be evil or good in Fable 2?

Is it better to be evil or good in Fable 2?

Being good will give you blue eyes, a smile with pristine white teeth, blonde hair, and a halo. Being evil will give you black hair, red eyes, rotting teeth, and horns. These appearances can vary slightly in Fable II depending on the Purity scale.

Does your appearance change in Fable 2?

When the game begins, you are only given one choice: male or female. You are given a generic body. As the game progresses, though, your character’s appearance changes based on his or her alignment. Alignment is based on your actions and rated on two scales: good versus evil and corrupt versus pure.

Why does my Fable 2 character have blue lines?

Fable II. When the Hero of Bowerstone becomes skilled in Will spells, dim blue lines, or veins, will appear on his or her skin. The more experience with Will, the brighter these become. Eventually, the will lines turn the Hero of Bowerstone’s eyes blue, even if the Hero is evil or corrupt.

What happens if you choose sacrifice Fable 2?

If Sacrifice is chosen, a statue of you is erected in Bowerstone Old Town, where you opened the music box in your childhood. If you do not kill Lucien fast enough, then Reaver will regain consciousness and kill him before you can, mockingly asking if you wanted to kill him.

How do you get skinny in Fable 2?

Open up the menu screen and go into your inventory. You should find the celery in the “Food and Potions” category. Keep selecting it to eat it all up, one by one. Every time you eat one celery, you will get thinner by five points.

How do you get rid of scars in Fable 2?

The Scar Vanishing Potions are a series of potions that will remove scars from your body (gained if the Hero is defeated or knocked out in battle) but give you corruption points in return. They are only available from the Knothole Island DLC.

How do you get scars in Fable 2?

Every time the Hero of Oakvale is hit with an attack that decreases his Health Points, there is a random chance of scarring. Fresh scars will appear dark, but will lighten in appearance after both playtime and skill upgrades. The spell Physical Shield will prevent scarring as long as it is not broken.