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What is the difference between CDS 1 and CDS 2?

What is the difference between CDS 1 and CDS 2?

CDS 1 is conducted in February while CDS 2 is conducted in November. The courses for CDS 1 start in January (IMA, AFA, INA) and April (OTA). While the courses for CDS 2 start in July (IMA, INA, AFA) and September (OTA).

What is the highest marks in CDS exam?

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has released the marks of 885 candidates who have taken the Combined Defence Services Exam (CDS)-II 2020 but were not recommended for appointment. Sandeep has secured the highest rank with a total score of 317 out of 600 followed by Apurva Pandey and Dipanshu with 312 marks.

How many attempts are there for CDS exam?

2 – Is there any attempt limit for attending CDS 2018 exam? A. 2 – No. Explanation : There is no restrictions over no of attempts rather there is age limit.

Can a 3rd year student give CDS?

Any student of any engineering branch can appear for CDS exam.

Who can give CDS 2 exam?

Candidates appearing for the CDS 2022 exam must have completed their graduation or at least be appearing for the final exam of the degree. Also, the minimum and maximum age to give IMA exam vary from 19-24 years. Candidates must practice more CDS practice year papers to improve their scores.

How can I top CDS exam?

Here are some fool-proof preparation tips that can help you clear the CDS exam and become a part of the professional uniformed services:

  1. Make a Plan:
  2. Assimilate the Syllabus:
  3. Updating your General Knowledge:
  4. Time Management:
  5. One Subject at a Time:
  6. Practice is the Key:
  7. Personality Development:

What is a good score in CDS English?

To score such high scores, it becomes compulsory to score as high as 65+ marks in CDS English to clear cutoff….Realistic Target setting for CDS English paper: (Aim:65 marks)

Correct Answers (Minimum) 80-81 questions out of 120
Aim to score in English paper: 65 marks

What is the last age for CDS?

CDS Age Limit 2022 (as on 01/01/2023)

Academy Age Limit
Indian Military Academy (IMA) 19 – 24 Years
Indian Naval Academy (INA) 19 – 22 Years
Air Force Academy 19 – 23 Years
Officers’ Training Academy (SSC Women Non-Technical Course) 19 – 25 Years