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Who did Louisa meet on the way?

Who did Louisa meet on the way?

Sparsit hurries to the country, where she heads into the forest and discovers Louisa and Harthouse in an intimate conversation. Harthouse professes his love for Louisa and states his desire to become her lover. Louisa agrees to meet him in town later that night but urges him to leave immediately.

What are Stephen Blackpool and the old woman suspected of doing?

The reader realizes almost immediately the identity of the thief, but Stephen Blackpool is suspected of the crime. Coming under suspicion as an accomplice is the old woman who is yet a mystery to all. When Harthouse inquires concerning Tom’s whereabouts, Bounderby says he is helping the police.

How many chapters are in Hard Times book 2?

twelve chapters
Consisting of twelve chapters, the second book depicts the harvest — meager for some, abundant for others.

Who catches the bank robber in Hard Times?

One morning, Bounderby charges in upon Harthouse and Louisa, announcing that the bank has been robbed of roughly 150 pounds. The only suspect is Stephen Blackpool, who was seen loitering outside the bank late at night, shortly before fleeing from Coketown.

Why does Louisa marry Bounderby?

Bounderby. Louisa marries him not out of love but out of a sense of duty to her brother, Tom, the only person in the world she loves and who wheedles her into saying “yes” because he works for Bounderby and wants to improve his chances at rising in the world.

Why Stephen Blackpool couldn’t divorce his wife?

Stephen Blackpool can secure divorce as he has all the necessary grounds. His wife is poor and has committed adultery which can be discerned from the fact that she suffers from syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease, making her weaker each day and causing sores on her skin.

Why was Stephen Blackpool fired?

Stephen Blackpool Timeline and Summary After his wife becomes an alcoholic, Stephen goes to Bounderby to ask for help with his alcoholic wife without much luck. When he refuses to report on the unionization to Bounderby, he is fired.

Why does Bounderby fire Stephen?

His fellow workers shun him when he refuses to join the union, and Bounderby fires him after Stephen refuses to give him details about the union that his fellow workers are forming.

What is the summary of the novel Hard Times?

Thomas Gradgrind, a wealthy, retired merchant in the industrial city of Coketown, England, devotes his life to a philosophy of rationalism, self-interest, and fact. He raises his oldest children, Louisa and Tom, according to this philosophy and never allows them to engage in fanciful or imaginative pursuits.

Who does Rachel see Mrs sparsit in Bounderby’s house?

Mrs. Pegler
Sissy visits Rachael every night as they wait for news of Stephen. One night, as they are walking past Bounderby’s house, they see Mrs. Sparsit dragging Mrs. Pegler into the house.