Who owns Shutters Hotel in Santa Monica?

Who owns Shutters Hotel in Santa Monica?

Edward Slatkin
The current owner, Edward Slatkin, is an owner of Shutters and Santa Monica’s Casa Del Mar. He and his wife found the property in the late 1990s.

How many rooms does Shutters on the Beach have?

A member of The Leading Hotels of the World, Shutters on the Beach offers two restaurants: One Pico and Coast Beach Café and Bar….Shutters on the Beach Hotel.

Shutters on the Beach
Number of rooms 186
Number of suites 12
Number of restaurants One Pico Coast Beach Cafe & Bar

Who is the general manager of Shutters on the Beach?

Charlie Lopez-Quintana
At Shutters on the Beach Hotel in Santa Monica – CA, USA. Edward Thomas Collection of Hotels (ETC) has announced the appointment of Charlie Lopez-Quintana as General Manager of Shutters on the Beach.

What Beach is Shutters on the Beach?

Santa Monica Beach
Shutters on the Beach resort is your seaside haven, set on one of Southern California’s most iconic beaches. Comfortable and luxurious, our Santa Monica Beach hotel recalls the quintessential cottages of Cape Cod, with shuttered doors opening onto breezy balconies and a sun-drenched pool terrace.

Who owns Shutters and Casa Del Mar?

Edward Thomas Hospitality Corporation
The Edward Thomas Hospitality Corporation, owners of the adjacent Shutters on the Beach Hotel, acquired the property in November 1997 and spent over $50 million restoring and converting it into a luxury hotel.

Where did the housewives of Beverly Hills stay in Del Mar?

L’Auberge Del Mar – San Diego, CA Luxury Resort.

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