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How many people fit in the Bell Centre in Montreal?

How many people fit in the Bell Centre in Montreal?

21,302Centre Bell / Capacity
Quebec Premier François Legault revealed this as part of a series of loosened COVID-19 restrictions to come over the next few weeks for the province, including that the Bell Centre will be able to operate at full capacity as of March 14. The arena can hold up to 21,302 fans for hockey games.

How many fans are allowed in Montreal tonight?

The province of Quebec will allow capacity at arenas to increase to 50 percent with a max of 500 people beginning Feb. 7 as the province slowly eases COVID-19 restrictions.

How many fans are allowed at Montreal Canadiens?

8. This means the Canadiens will be permitted to play in front of 21,302 spectators. Earlier this month, the Tricolore obtained permission to host a maximum of 7,500 fans for a warm-up game.

Why are there no fans at the Montreal Canadiens game tonight?

MONTREAL — Due to a spike in COVID-19 cases in Quebec, Thursday night’s game between the Flyers and the Montréal Canadiens will be played without fans at the Bell Centre. Quebec public health officials contacted the Canadiens organization on Thursday afternoon and requested that the game be held in a closed setting.

Is Montreal Canadiens allowing fans?

We are thrilled to welcome fans back to the Bell Centre following the government’s decision to allow our arena to operate at full capacity.

Are the Canadiens allowing fans?

No fans allowed at Canadiens-Flyers game due to COVID-19.

Can fans go to Flyers games?

The Montreal Canadiens are hosting the Philadelphia Flyers without fans in the arena Thursday night due to rising COVID-19 cases. The announcement was made roughly two hours before puck drop in Montreal.

Can fans go to NHL games in Canada?

NHL postpones 9 Canada-based home games due to no fan policy; Islanders-Red Wings matchup postponed.

Will Montreal have fans tonight?

Bell Centre will be closed to fans for Thursday’s Canadiens game against Flyers. There were no fans in attendance at the Bell Centre for tonight’s Montreal Canadiens game against the Philadelphia Flyers, as the province of Quebec looks to navigate a rise in COVID-19 cases seen across the country.

Who owns the Bell Center?

Molson familyCentre Bell / Owner