Who owns Mikasa volleyball?

Who owns Mikasa volleyball?

Masuda Rubber Industries, Myojyo Rubber Industrial Co. Mikasa Corporation (株式会社 ミカサ, Kabushiki Kaisha Mikasa) is a Japanese sports equipment and athletic goods company with its international corporate headquarters located in Nishi-ku, Hiroshima, Chūgoku.

Is Mikasa volleyball soft?

The Mikasa Squish Volleyball is the softest volleyball available. With a non sting and water resistance pillow cover, this Mikasa volleyball is suitable for indoors, outdoors and also swimming pools. The soft volleyballs can be used indoors or outdoors.

Is Mikasa volleyball waterproof?

It’s actually waterproof and is designed for pool volleyball so my kids had a blast playing with it at the pool last summer and it’s still in great shape like new so I know they will also enjoy playing with it at the pool this coming summer. I highly recommend this volleyball for swimming pool or at the beach.

Is Mikasa still in business?

Today, Mikasa continues to leverage the momentum it has built over the decades since its start. In 2001, the company merged with J.G. Durand Industries, and as has been its history, will continue to trade under the name Mikasa.

How can you tell a fake Mikasa volleyball?

Mikasa makes a replica version of this ball, but it does not have the dimples in the texture of the surface. If the dimples are there, this is the official game ball. The replica version looks and feels like the cheap product it is.

Which is the softest volleyball?

Bodacious. An exclusive Mikasa product. It is literally THE SOFTEST volleyball we can make.