Are shops closed on Sunday in Brussels?

Are shops closed on Sunday in Brussels?

While shops are typically closed on Sundays, some of the best bookshops in Brussels are open on Sundays – a great opportunity to combine a walk in the city with browsing your next great read.

What is open on Sunday in Brussels?

Sunday Markets Open on Sunday between 8 am-1 pm, the Brussels-Midi Market sells food, clothes and plants from around the world. For those that enjoy hunting for antiques, think about paying a visit to the Jeu de Balle market, which takes place every Sunday in the Marolles between 7 am-2 pm.

Are stores open on Sundays in Belgium?

Most shops in Belgium are open from 10am until 6pm, Monday to Saturday. Shops are closed on Sundays. Shops where you can buy groceries, and supermarkets (Aldi, Lidl, Colruyt, Delhaize, Carrefour, Spar) are usually open at 8.30am and close after 6pm. You can also buy groceries from the local market.

Are shops closed on Sunday in Belgium?

The basic summary is: You can be open any day during ‘shopping hours’ – between 0500 and 2100. a shop owner is required to have a 24 hour ‘day of rest’ every week. Most choose to do it on Sundays.

Is Sunday a good day to visit Brussels?

Sunday culture Most museums are open on Sunday, which is an ideal day for a visit. The museums’ opening times are published at If you prefer to rest your legs, get along to the cinema or the theatre. There is always a lot going on in Brussels.

Are shops open in Brugge on Sunday?

Lots of shops in Bruges are already open on Sunday and even more are open on the first Sunday of every month (except for holidays) from 1 to 6 p.m. And the shopping streets between ‘t Zand and Market Square are also traffic-free on shopping Sundays, so you can enjoy your shopping even more!

What can I do in Brussels today?

Best things to do in Brussels

  • Yannick Sas. Bozar.
  • Comic Museum Brussels. Comic strip murals.
  • Monk. Monk.
  • © 2018 SOFAM Belgium. Atomium.
  • Phil Shotton. Grand Place.
  • Musée Horta – Hortamuseum. Art Nouveau architecture.
  • Marché De La Place Des Chasseurs Ardennais. Chasseurs Ardennais Market.
  • L’Epicerie. L’Epicerie.

When did Sunday shopping start in Quebec?

Going grocery shopping on a Sunday doesn’t seem that rebellious. But for a long time, it was not something that was done — including in Quebec in 1988.

Why are shops closed on Sunday in Europe?

By and large, Europe is a Christian or post Christian society and Sunday is the traditional day of rest. Unions , local authorities and the general population generally agree that most manufacturing enterprises will close on one family day per week and Sunday is the normal one.

What do Belgians do on Sundays?

The role of the family in dating Therefore, as the partner of a Belgian man or woman, you can expect to have many of your Sundays dedicated to long three-course lunches or dinners with your in-laws. You are also likely to visit grandparents weekly or even talk daily.