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Who is the strongest character in mythic heroes?

Who is the strongest character in mythic heroes?

In Mythic Heroes, fighters are either melee or ranged heroes. They deal high amounts of physical damage through burst or rapid attacks….Mythic Heroes fighter boss tier list.

Tier Mythic Heroes character
S Artemis, Lucifer, Susanoo
A Medusa, Lu Bu
C Oberon

How do you get Nuwa in mythic heroes?

For 5s after releasing “Mend the Sky,” all ally Heroes will be immune to control. For 10s after releasing “Mend the Sky,” all ally Heroes will be immune to control. When the Brown stone is in effect during “Lustrous Land,” the Energy removed from the target will be transferred to Nuwa.

Who is the best SSR in mythic heroes?

Mythic Heroes Tier List v2

Class All Fighter Mage Support Tank Faction All Luminarch Shadowarch Guardian Verdian Rarity All UR SSR Search Search in Hero PvE PvP Boss Class Faction Rarity Build
Hero PvE Rarity
Nuwa S UR
Ganjiang & Moye S SSR
Susanoo A+ SSR

Is susanoo good mythic heroes?

Susanoo (or Susa) is one of the strongest physical carries in the game. His assassin style that blinks to his opponent makes him already valuable as a sniper, while his Lifesteal is definitely a great thing to have, especially at level 181.

Is Cleopatra good mythic heroes?

Cleopatra (or Cleo) is an excellent DOT (Damage Over Time) damage dealer that likes to poison her enemy every chance she gets.

How do you unlock the astrolabe of fate in mythic heroes?

When these slots are triggered with the pointer, energy will be added inside their icon. Once the icon is filled with energy, the skill will be cast. Once you’ve reached a certain amount of campaign progress, the Astrolabe of Fate will be unlocked.

How do I reset mythic heroes in divinity?

You cannot reset Divinity enhancements or Weapon upgrades yet, so tread carefully. Do not focus too much on UR units unless you’re a whale (heavy spender), but at least 1 copy is good to have.

Is Zeus good in mythic heroes?

Zeus is a good AOE damage dealer as he deals extra true damage on top of his skills, which is deadly.

Is Typhon good in mythic heroes?

Typhon gets up to 150% defense on his second passive. This also gives him a massive attack boost if it takes into account the titan’s shield. Yeah. That’s…pretty good.

What does LS mean in mythic heroes?

life steal
LS = life steal.

Is Hades good in mythic heroes?

Hades is an excellent offensive tank that can endure quite some damage from the enemies while making sure to leech off them using lifesteal and keeping them at bay.