What is Best Management Practice?

What is Best Management Practice?

Best Management Practice (BMP) means a practice, or combination of practices, that is determined to be an effective and practicable (including technological, economic, and institutional considerations) means of preventing or reducing the amount of pollution generated by nonpoint sources to a level compatible with water …

What are 2 examples of Best Management Practices?


  • Use Fertilizers Wisely.
  • Apply Pesticides Wisely.
  • Use Landscaping Practices that Prevent Erosion.
  • Wash Your Vehicle Wisely.
  • Dispose of Pet Waste.
  • Use and Dispose of Household Chemicals Safely.
  • Evaluate Existing Roads.
  • Proper Planning of Roads.

What is a BMP plan?

BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES PLAN The purpose of the Best Management Practices (BMP) plan is to evaluate potential sources of sediment and other pollutants at the construction site and put controls in place that will effectively prevent pollutant discharges to surface and ground waters.

What is urban Best Management Practice?

Urban Best Management & Low Impact Development Practices. Urban best management practices (BMPs) and low-impact development practices are forms of green infrastructure designed to protect water quality and quantity by reducing stormwater runoff or by storing and treating stormwater before it reaches surface waters.

What do best management practices do?

Conservation practices, frequently called best management practices, or BMPs, are tools that farmers can use to reduce soil and fertilizer runoff, properly manage animal waste, and protect water and air quality on their farms.

What is BMP for stormwater?

BMPs are structural, vegetative or managerial practices used to treat, prevent or reduce water pollution. Structural BMPs. Extended Detention Ponds. Instead of flowing directly to a river, stormwater can be transported to a deten- tion pond. These ponds hold the water until pollutants settle to the bottom.

What does BMP pond mean?

What is a BMP pond?

What is a BMP soil?

This document provides guidance on how to design and conduct soil remediation activities at Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and other hazardous waste sites so that transfers of contaminants from contaminated soil to other media are minimized.