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Who has Mod Sun dated?

Who has Mod Sun dated?

ET’s Denny Directo spoke with Mod Sun, whose real name is Derek Ryan Smith, about this new era of his life and the special support the rocker is getting from his girlfriend, Avril Lavigne.

Is Mod Sun popular?

Alongside eight new tracks, it includes an acoustic version of “Flames,” his catchy scream-along love song with Canadian Hot Topic icon Avril Lavigne that has racked up more than 25 million streams and counting. It’s by far the most popular music Mod Sun has ever made, and not coincidentally his most authentic.

How did MGK and Mod Sun meet?

Mod Sun first met Machine Gun Kelly while on Warped Tour in 2012. “He wasn’t surrounded by a bunch of people, he wasn’t making friends, but me and him? Best friends, right there.

Did Avril Lavigne date Travis Barker?

When he’s gone, the pieces of her heart are missing him: Avril Lavigne has opened up about her relationship with longtime collaborator/pop-punk mogul Travis Barker and how they “just click” creatively.

How did Avril and Mod Sun meet?

The couple initially kept quiet about the rumors, but on the same day, Mod Sun explained that they first met through mutual friend Machine Gun Kelly. “We linked up through just talking about music,” he told Metro.

Did Mod Sun and Avril Lavigne date?

Avril Lavigne is in love — but getting to that point was certainly, well, complicated. The pop-punk queen, 37, is happy in her relationship with fellow musician Mod Sun, 34, but almost didn’t allow herself to fall for him as they worked in the studio on her forthcoming album, she told Nylon in a new interview.

When did Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun date?

It’s not known exactly when the artists first started dating, but they’ve been together musically since December 2020, when Lavigne confirmed she was working on a new album with several punk-rock producers, including Mod Sun. The next month, they released a duet, and somewhere along the way, they found love.

Is Mod Sun sober 2021?

Musician Mod Sun took to social media on Monday night to celebrate being sober for one year. The star, 33, has calculated that during this time, he has already saved more than $90k after overhauling his lifestyle, but admits he still smokes marijuana.

Is Mod Sun with Avril?

How long were Bella Thorne and Mod Sun together?

Bella Thorne and Mod Sun break up after 2 years of dating. Bella Thorne and Mod Sun have broken up after first being romantically linked in 2017. Bella Thorne and Mod Sun have broken up. The actress shared the announcement to her 19.1 million Instagram followers, writing that she will “always love” her musician ex-beau …