Users' questions

What is GIGABYTE Autogreen?

What is GIGABYTE Autogreen?

GIGABYTE 24 Phase Power motherboards. Smart TPM allows locking up the protected data remotely through a BluetoothR enabled mobile phone to prevent unauthorized access. Note: GIGABYTE Smart TPM/Auto Green motherboards do not include a Bluetooth® receiver; the addition of a 3rd party Bluetooth receiver is required.

What is cFos Speed GIGABYTE?

GIGABYTE motherboards with Intel® GbE LAN feature cFos Speed, a network traffic management application which helps to improve network latency, maintaining low ping times to deliver better responsiveness in a crowded LAN environment.

What is GIGABYTE USB Blocker?

USB Blocker. GIGABYTE USB Blocker provides you with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to block certain USB device types on your PC. Devices that are blocked will be ignored by the operating system.

What is Gigabyte Gameboost?

The GIGABYTE Aorus Game Boost software allows users to essentially free up system resources such as applications that hog RAM and CPU power. Users can press Ctrl + Alt + B to allow the software to ‘optimize’ the system processes or users can select through the hungriest of programs and close them down manually.

What is 3D OSD Gigabyte?

Thankfully GIGABYTE has a solution: 3D OSD. 3D OSD allows the user to see key information about their system. This information is overlaid on their screen, above whatever program is running in the background.

Should I remove cFosSpeed?

There could be other causes why users may not be able to uninstall cFosSpeed. An incomplete uninstallation of a program may cause problems, which is why thorough removal of programs is recommended.

What installs cFosSpeed?

Your computer driver pack usually installs cFosSpeed. If it is not part of your driver pack, you can manually install the cfosspeed driver through the MSI companion app Dragon Center (MSI boards) or using the Cfosspeed shareware app.

What is fast boot GIGABYTE?

Through the simple GIGABYTE Fast Boot *interface, you can enable and modify the Fast Boot or Next Boot After AC Power Loss system settings in a windows environment. This option is the same as the Fast Boot option in BIOS Setup. It allows you to enable or disable the fast boot function to shorten the OS boot time.

What is on off charge GIGABYTE?

GIGABYTE’s latest motherboards are equipped with ON/OFF Charge technology which allows you not only to charge your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, but it allows you to Quick Charge it. On/Off Charge will also cut the charging time by up to 40 percent thanks to yet another innovative GIGABYTE design.