How do you teach spelling fun online?

How do you teach spelling fun online?

Here are 18 creative and interactive ways to practice spelling words.

  1. Make a Spelling Word Origami Fortune Teller.
  2. Make and Use a “Word Catcher”
  3. Magnetic Letters, Alphabet Blocks, or Scrabble Pieces.
  4. Create Your Own Crossword Puzzle.
  5. Use Sensory Play.
  6. Play Spelling Word Memory.
  7. Trace the Words in Rainbow Colors.

What is the best way to practice spelling words?

Five guidelines for learning to spell

  • Practice makes permanent.
  • Don’t try to learn all the words at once.
  • Review, and review some more!
  • Practice spelling as if you expect to spell those words right when you’re writing.
  • Use the words you’ve practiced.
  • Trace, copy and recall.
  • Reverse chaining by letter.

How do you make a spelling list fun?

8 Fun Ways to Teach Spelling

  1. Create rhymes and raps using spelling.
  2. Create a spelling wall in the classroom.
  3. Make a fun crossword.
  4. Jumble word.
  5. Use arts and crafts to encourage spelling.
  6. Create a game of word bingo.
  7. Word heads.
  8. Build a word train.

What are phonemic awareness activities in 3rd grade?

Phonological Awareness digital activities to practice rhyming, syllables, letter sounds, word concepts, onset & rime, and sounds in words. Phonological Awareness Digital Activities. Interactive phonological awareness digital activities for Boom Learning, Seesaw, and Google Slides are here!

What are some third grade spelling words?

– Beginning Spelling Curriculum 3rd Grade Spelling Lists – Compound Words 3rd Grade Spelling Lists – Contractions 3rd Grade Spelling Lists – Dolch Words 3rd Grade Spelling Lists – Fry Words 3rd Grade Spelling Lists – Third Grade Practice Spelling Lists

What to teach the first week of 3rd grade?

– Stand Up – Push My Chair In – Walk Silently

What your child should learn in 3rd grade?

Work cooperatively and productively with other children in small groups to complete projects

  • Understand how her choices affect consequences
  • Become more organized and logical in her thought process
  • Build stronger friendships
  • Be helpful,cheerful and pleasant – as well as rude,bossy,selfish and impatient