How do I get to Japanese Gifu?

How do I get to Japanese Gifu?

Gifu Station can be reached via the Tokaido Shinkansen from Shin-Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo Station. Tokyo is about 2 hours away (and a ticket from there costs around 11,500 yen), while Nagoya is a short 20 minutes. To get to Takayama Station in Gifu’s north takes a little over 2 hours from Nagoya.

How much is Shinkansen from Osaka to Nagoya?

Japan Railways Shinkansen operates a train from Shin-Osaka to Nagoya every 15 minutes. Tickets cost ¥5000 – ¥7500 and the journey takes 50 min. Alternatively, Willer Express operates a bus from Umeda to Nagoya 3 times a day. Tickets cost ¥1900 – ¥3900 and the journey takes 3h 50m.

How do I get from Osaka to Kyoto by train?

Take the Special Rapid train from JR Osaka Station to arrive at JR Kyoto Station in about 30 minutes (560 yen). From JR Shin-Osaka, the journey is about 25 minutes and costs the same. The route takes less time and is easy to understand since Osaka Station and Kyoto Station are directly connected.

Is it better to stay in Kyoto or Osaka?

Kyoto is a more touristy destination and a cultural melting pot. This is why accommodation and food tend to be more expensive here. If you’re on a budget, I highly recommend visiting Osaka. The city is a nice mix of culture, nightlife, and great food.

How do I get to Nagoya by train?

By train. Gujo-Hachiman is connected by Nagaragawa Railway with Mino-Ota Station (80 minutes, 1380 yen, not covered by the Japan Rail Pass), from where you can catch a JR limited express train (40 minutes, about 2500 yen) or local trains (70 minutes, 990-1170 yen via Tajimi or Gifu) to Nagoya.

What food is Gifu known for?

Arguably the most famous food to come out of Gifu prefecture is Hida-gyu, or Hida beef, from cattle raised in Gifu prefecture. One of the premiere brands of domestic wagyu beef in Japan, Hida beef won the All-Japan National Wagyu Cattle Expo, commonly known as the “Wagyu Olympics” in 2002.

What region is Gifu in?

Gifu Prefecture

Gifu Prefecture 岐阜県
Country Japan
Region Chūbu (Tōkai)
Island Honshu
Capital Gifu