What is the meaning of Lughole?

What is the meaning of Lughole?

/ (ˈlʌɡˌhəʊl) / noun. British an informal word for ear 1 See also lug 2 (def.

Where does the term Lughole come from?

Detailed word origin of lughole

Dictionary entry Language
ditch English (eng)
lug English (eng)
lughole English (eng)

What is a cows lug hole?

Portholes are openings on the side of a cow that allows researchers to access an animal’s stomach with a cannula. But experts say that in some cases cows with portholes live longer.

Does lug mean ear?

lug. noun (2) Definition of lug (Entry 3 of 3) 1 : something (such as a handle) that projects like an ear: such as. a : a leather loop on a harness saddle through which the shaft passes.

What are the lugs on a Rolex watch?

Sometimes referred to as horns, lugs are projections on the watch case that are used to secure the strap or bracelet to the watch case.

What does lug mean in Scots?

lugs, lug: ears, ear.

What is pinhole on Rolex?

Rolex lug holes, or pin holes, is a term that you can hear quite frequently if you consume discussions and content around Rolex watches. Rolex lug holes refer to the holes on each lug of the watch case, in which the spring bar is placed in order to attach the bracelet.

What does Rolex no holes mean?

It means it’s a newer model where there are no holes in the lugs which holds the pins for the bracelet. Hope this helps. It means it’s a newer model where there are no holes in the lugs which holds the pins for the bracelet.

What is a Goonie in Scotland?

This week’s word is… goonie! This is what your granny might call a nightgown or a dressing gown. Goonie is a nightie not a dressing gown.

What are drilled watch lugs?

Certain watches — especially older ones — had a magical feature called “drilled lugs,” meaning that the watch case itself was drilled through at the lugs such that you could poke a special tool through the hole and release the spring bars in order to change a strap.

Does Rolex glow in the dark?

Rolex Chromalight glows blue in the dark, and this is, therefore, a way in which you can tell SuperLuminova apart from Chromalight. Chromalight is a photoluminescent material that, according to Rolex, Chromalight can last up to eight hours, which is more than double the time of other luminescent materials.