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Where is Jeannie C Riley today?

Where is Jeannie C Riley today?

“I had no idea that Harper Valley—a song I didn’t want to sing—would have the impact it did on the country, on music or on me,” said Jeannie, an Anson, Texas native who now lives in Brenham with her second husband and first love Billy Starnes, said.

Was Jeannie C Riley a one hit wonder?

Riley | 40 Unforgettable One-Hit Wonders | Purple Clover. Time to celebrate National One-Hit Wonder Day! 1 hit in 1976. after which the Starland Vocal Band hosted a variety show on CBS and, in 1981, disbanded.

How old is Jeannie C Riley today?

76 years (October 19, 1945)Jeannie C. Riley / Age

Who wrote Harper Valley PTA song?

Tom T. HallHarper Valley Pta / LyricistThomas Hall, known professionally as Tom T. Hall and informally nicknamed “the Storyteller”, was an American country music singer-songwriter and short-story author. Wikipedia

How many hit songs did Jeannie C Riley have?

6 Song Chart Appearances Jeannie C. Riley first charted in 1968. Her last appearance in the charts was 1971. She had chart topping singles covering a span of 4 years.

Who is Jeannie Riley’s daughter?

Kim Michelle RileyJeannie C. Riley / Daughter

How old is Bobbie Gentry?

79 years (July 27, 1942)Bobbie Gentry / Age

Who sang Harper Valley PTA a Jeannie C Riley?

Jeannie C. RileyHarper Valley Pta / Artist

What happened to Tom T Hall?

The country songwriter’s death in August has been ruled a suicide. Tom T. Hall, the Country Music Hall of Fame songwriter who died last August at 85, took his own life at his home in Franklin, Tennessee, the Williamson County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed to Rolling Stone on Wednesday. Born Thomas T.

Where was the movie Harper Valley PTA filmed?

Lebanon, Ohio
Harper Valley P.T.A. was filmed in Lebanon, Ohio, with additional scenes filmed in California.

What was Jeannie C Riley’s biggest hit?

Harper Valley PTA
Hall: “Harper Valley PTA” was Jeannie’s biggest Hit and it was based on a real incident Tom had seen as a youngster in Carter City, Kentucky. The song topped the Pop Charts for one week and Country for three weeks.