How many people died on the SS Caribou?

How many people died on the SS Caribou?

Of the 237 people aboard the Caribou when she left North Sydney, 136 had perished. Fifty-seven were military personnel and 49 were civilians. Fifteen-month-old Leonard Shiers of Halifax was the only one of 11 children to survive the sinking.

Why did the MV William Carson Sink?

Sinking. In 1977, early in only the second season on the Labrador run, William Carson sank in 500 feet (150 m) of water on the night of 2 June / morning of 3 June 1977 after striking a small iceberg while navigating 12 nautical miles (22 km) off Battle Harbour. All 129 passengers and 29 crew aboard at the time survived …

When did the SS Caribou sink?

October 14, 1942
The greatest loss of life however, occurred on October 14, 1942, when the Newfoundland to Nova Scotia ferry SS Caribou was sunk by U-69, under the command of Kapitän-Leutnant Ulrich Gräf. SS Caribou left Sydney, N.S., at approximately 9:30 p.m., on October 13, 1942.

Did the captain have family members on the SS Caribou with him?

As in any tight knit colony, it is no surprise that many of the crew on Caribou are from common families. Two of Captain Taverner’s sons are his Third and First Mates and there are also eight pairs of brothers. Most are from either Port-Aux-Basques or nearby from the tiny community of Channel.

How many U boats did Canada sink?

Of the five U-boats destroyed in the mid-ocean since May, Canadians sank four. One can only wonder at what the C groups might have accomplished had they been properly equipped. But when they stopped sinking U-boats, the RCN mid-ocean effort came to be judged by its ability — or inability — to defend convoys.

Where did the SS Caribou sink?

The North Sydney to Port-aux-Basques passenger ferry SS Caribou was sunk by the German submarine U-69 on 14 October 1942….Sinking of the SS Caribou.

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When did the Patrick Morris sink?

April 19, 1970
Just before midnight April 19, 1970, the Patrick Morris left the harbour in North Sydney and headed out into a raging storm. Normally she would have remained in port until weather conditions had improved.