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What payment does Wetherspoons accept?

What payment does Wetherspoons accept?

We accept the following payment methods: debit and credit cards; American Express; JCB; PayPal; Google Pay; Apple Pay.

Can you pay by card in Wetherspoons?

Customers will be asked to use the Wetherspoon order and pay app, wherever possible, or pay at the bar using a credit/debit card and contactless, although cash will still be accepted.

Do Wetherspoons vouchers expire?

The value on your card will expire 24 months from its purchase date. It is not possible, after purchase, to check a gift card’s expiry date, so please retain your receipt for your own records. Wetherspoon accepts no liability for any lost, stolen or damaged gift cards.

How do I get my Wetherspoons employee discount?

Employer Summary From day one of your employment, you will be eligible to join mydiscounts and receive discounts from over 2,000 retailers. You can also receive 20% discount, when dining in our pubs or staying in our hotels.

Are Wetherspoons still accepting CAMRA vouchers?

Customers with Wetherspoon food and drinks gift cards, as well as Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) vouchers, which may have expired during lockdown are advised that these will still be valid.

How much do wetherspoons pay an hour?

J D Wetherspoon in London Area Salaries

Job Title Location Salary
Bar Associate salaries – 81 salaries reported London Area £9/hr
Bar Associate salaries – 59 salaries reported London Area £9/hr
Shift Manager salaries – 47 salaries reported London Area £24,407/yr
Shift Leader salaries – 46 salaries reported London Area £10/hr

How much do 16 year olds get paid at wetherspoons?

757 people who work at JD Wetherspoon have taken the Breakroom quiz. Here’s everything they told us about pay per hour, pay by age, and more….What do JD Wetherspoon pay different age groups?

Age group JD Wetherspoon pay per hour
16-17 £6.30–7.78
18-20 £8.36–9.65
21-24 £8.70–10.87
25 and over £8.84–13.90