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How do you get souls in Dragon Saga?

How do you get souls in Dragon Saga?

Souls can be obtained by breaking down an item. Once broken down the Soul Force of the item will be released as Souls, which then can be used again to Soulcraft and upgrade another item. In order to break down an item, use the Soul Force hammer found in the lower left hand corner in the item’s respective inventory.

How do you extract magical force in Dragon Saga?

How to extract magical force? One Soul can easily be obtained by using the Disassemble tool on any piece of equipment with Soulforce. It can also be bought from the market. The reward item can be right clicked to enable the player to use Instant Extraction in the future.

How do you get the scroll of insurance in Dragon Saga?

It is performed through interacting with a Soulsmith NPC, which can be found in every town, and requires souls and money, as well as Enchant Insurance Scrolls (IS) that can be obtained through the cash shop or the trading of Silver coins to the Consumables merchant, located to the West of the centre island in the Port …

What is soul force in Wow?

Column “Soul force” describes the increase in base stat of the soulcrafted item. 1 point of soul force corresponds to an increase in base ATK and MATK (for weapons) or base DEF and MDEF (for armour) by 0.5%. A weapon with 250 base ATK and 12 soul force will thus boast a total of 250 x (1 + 12 x 0.5%) = 250 x 1.06 = 265 ATK.

How do I add soul force to my items?

Once a Soulsmith has been located, left-click on the Soulsmith or press spacebar to activate the menus. Next, select the ‘Soulcraft’ option and then the ‘Add Soul Force’ Option. At the Soulcraft Screen, choose the item of choice from the Equipment inventory and drag the item to the box in the center.

How do I know if a Soulcraft item has been fulfilled?

If you have the appropriate amount of Souls for the Soulcraft, the box for the Souls will be illuminated, indicating the requirement for that item has been fulfilled. You can also use Enchantment Insurance scrolls to protect the item from breaking and Enchantment Runes to increase your chances of succeeding.

What is success chance in Soulcraft?

Column “Success chance” describes the chance to succeed in upgrading soulcraft from previous grade. Non-applicable to Regular grade, as it is the number zero grade and cannot be upgraded to.