What are the advantages of WiMAX compared to WiFi?

What are the advantages of WiMAX compared to WiFi?

Wimax offer high speed internet as a broadband access which transfer data, voice, video at very high speed. While WiFi offer short range of data transfer because WiFi can connect only in specified areas so only file sharing may possible. Wimax design for long range distance in licensed spectrum or unlicensed spectrum.

What is the difference between WiFi and WiMAX?( Any two value points?

Wifi is used to create small networks and used to connect printers, conmputers, gaming consoles. WiMax uses spectrum to deliver connection to network. WiMax is used to provide internet services such as Mobile Data and hotspots.

Is WiMAX cheaper than WiFi?

WiMAX is bound to be cheaper than both broadband DSL Internet and 3G data plans. In these early days of WiMAX integration, the former will be expensive, but the latter quite affordable and even free.

What are the disadvantages of WiMAX?

Disadvantages of WiMAX :

  • Big installation and operational cost.
  • Multiple frequencies are used.
  • A line of sight needed.
  • Poor bandwidth when serving lots of clients.
  • Higher latency.
  • Unreliable service.
  • Spectral limitation.
  • Big delay.

What are the advantages of WiMAX?

Advantages of WiMAX :

  • A single location can serve hundreds of users.
  • Single WiMax BS serves hundreds of users.
  • Much faster deployment of the new user as compared to wired networks.
  • It creates a volume opportunity for silicon suppliers.
  • The speed of 10 Mbps at 10 kilometers with a line of sight.

Which is faster wifi or WiMAX?

With regards to Speed, Broadband Wifi 802.11N is actually faster than Wimax 802.16e. For the Wimax Standard 802.16e, they are talking about 70 Mbps. So Wimax is actually slower than Broadband Wifi. On the other hand Wimax 802.16e is ready today with a range of 40 Miles.