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What is a high pressure sodium lamp used for?

What is a high pressure sodium lamp used for?

High pressure sodium lamps are used in outdoor lighting of streets and parking lots and in indoor settings where color rendering is not critical. These indoor settings include warehouse and shipping areas and some manufacturing areas.

Why sodium Vapour lamps are used in street lights?

It is most visible in street lighting. Sodium-vapour lamps are good for night-time illumination because of their high efficiency and because the light they produce penetrates mist and fog particularly well.

What are the sodium bulbs used for?

These lamps are mostly used for street lighting as well as industrial uses. The lamp works by creating an electric arc through vaporized sodium metal. Other materials and gases are used to help start the lamp or control its color.

Are sodium vapor lights energy efficient?

Although sodium vapor lighting beats virtually every other technology in terms of energy efficiency (which is why it was chosen to illuminate the streets of so many cities), it loses out to LEDs.

What is the life of sodium Vapour lamp?

The efficiency of a sodium vapour lamp under practical conditions is about 40-50 lumens/watt. Such lamps are manufactured in 45, 60, 85 and 140 W ratings. The average life is about 3000 hours and is not affected by voltage variations.

Why do we use sodium lamp in spectrometer?

Using a spectrometer to observe the absorption lines formed when white light passes through sodium vapour. It is essential to provide an intense sodium flame. This will make all the white light pass through the flame in the region where it is rich in sodium.

How do you use a sodium-vapor lamp?

The discharge tube may be linear (SLI lamp) or U-shaped. When the lamp is first started, it emits a dim red/pink light to warm the sodium metal; within a few minutes as the sodium metal vaporizes, the emission becomes the common bright yellow.

What is the average life of sodium Vapour lamp?