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What happened to Hanna in the capture?

What happened to Hanna in the capture?

Frank Napier and his colleagues discovered Hannah’s plan, and instead of trying to contain it, they decided to turn the whole fiasco into the truth. Napier discovered that Eli had been the mole, and used him to locate Hannah, who was then killed and planted into the car that Shaun later used to run away.

What is the plot of the capture?

When a British soldier is charged with a crime, the tenacious young detective handling his case begins to uncover a multi-layered conspiracy. After ex-soldier Shaun Emery’s (Turner) conviction for a murder in Afghanistan is overturned due to flawed video evidence, he returns home a free man to his young daughter.

What happens in Episode 4 of the capture?

The Capture – Season 1, Episode 4 16L A dramatic new development makes DI Carey begin to doubt the truth about Shaun’s crime. 16VL The conspiracy escalates as Shaun’s quest to clear his name takes a devastating turn. 16L As Carey strays further out of her depth, Shaun receives help from an unexpected source.

What happens in Episode 5 of the capture?

Rachel seeks answers of her own after her suspicions that Shaun has been set up are confirmed by a vital piece of evidence. However, the truth they both uncover places their lives in great danger.

Is Shaun innocent in the capture?

After serving six months in prison for the alleged murder of an unarmed Taliban insurgent in Afghanistan, former Lance Corporal Shaun Emery is acquitted when the Court of Appeal rules that video evidence used to convict him was potentially flawed.

What episode does Hannah get captured by a?

“The Wrath of Kahn” is the ninth episode of the seventh season of the mystery drama television series Pretty Little Liars, which aired on August 23, 2016, on the cable network Freeform.

Who is Frank Napier in The Capture?

Ron Perlman
The Capture (TV Mini Series 2019– ) – Ron Perlman as Frank Napier – IMDb.

How does The Capture end?

In the final episode, Shaun was put behind bars for the murder of Hannah Roberts (Laura Haddock), after being blackmailed by American and British intelligence into taking the fall for the killing. It later emerged that Shaun did, in fact, kill someone – a man in Afghanistan, during his tour in Helmand.

How does the capture end?

Is there a season 2 of the capture?

Now, the BBC has now officially announced a second season of The Capture. Hurrah! Speaking about what to expect, the show’s creator Ben Chanan said the new series will see “Rachel Carey fall deeper into the dizzying world of fakery and disinformation.

Was Shaun Emery guilty?

Did Shaun Emery do it?

Shaun Emery (Callum Turner) despite not being guilty would do time in prison for the death of Hannah Roberts (Laura Haddock). While she intends to expose the fact that Emery went to jail for a crime he actually didn’t actually commit, her efforts yield zero success.