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How can I upload multiple images at a time in PHP?

How can I upload multiple images at a time in PHP?

Upload Multiple Files in PHP (upload. php)

  1. Include the database configuration file to connect and select the MySQL database.
  2. Get the file extension using pathinfo() function in PHP and check whether the user selects only the image files.
  3. Upload images to the server using move_uploaded_file() function in PHP.

How can I store multiple images in PHP?

Tutorial Objective

  1. Create an HTML form to select multiple images and files.
  2. Display multiple images preview before sending to server.
  3. Implement necessary validation before uploading.
  4. Save files in the local directory and store the uploaded file path in the database.

How do you upload multiple photos at once?

Multiple image upload allows the user to select multiple files at once and upload all files to the server. index. html Create a simple HTML page to select multiple files and submit it to upload files on the server. Here, the HTML file contains a form to select and upload files using the POST method.

How can I upload multiple images in PHP using w3schools?

Create The HTML Form

  1. Select image to upload:

How do you create multiple pictures?

The images were formed when two mirrors are inclined at an angle and the object is located between the mirrors, numerous images are formed due to multiple reflections on the mirrors. The angle between the mirrors is responsible for the creation of multiple images.

How do I save multiple images in a database?


  1. Create a table in the database to store the image and some other relevant and unique data like id or roll number by which I can fetch the image from the table.
  2. Create a website with a page wit a “Button” in the design part of that page (. aspx).
  3. Write the code in the “.