What should I read before Secret Wars 2015?

What should I read before Secret Wars 2015?

What to read before the Secret Wars of 2015?

  • Avengers World Vol. 4: Before Time Runs Out.
  • Collects Avengers #43-44, New Avengers #31-33.
  • Collects Avengers #38-39, New Avengers #26-28.
  • Collects Avengers #40-42, New Avengers #29-30.
  • Collects Avengers #43-44, New Avengers #31-33.

Is 2015 Secret Wars good?

Secret Wars is the phenomenal culmination of Hickman’s Marvel work, building all the way from his masterful Fantastic Four run. His Fantastic Four is some of my absolute favorite comics, and at the end of the day, Secret Wars is a Reed and Doom story, as the two face off with the absolute highest stakes possible.

How did Secret Wars end?

At the end of Secret Wars, T’Challa and Dr. T’Challa has control of the Infinity Gauntlet while Doom had the powers of the Beyonder. Eventually, Doom was forced to battle Reed Richards on equal grounds and his defeat led to the return of the Marvel Universe.

Who is the villain in Secret Wars 2015?

The answer to the incursions lies behind a minor Fantastic Four villain named Owen Reece, or Molecule Man. In many ways, the events leading to Secret Wars revolve around Reece, though he receives marginal action within the comics involved.

Can I read Secret Wars without reading anything else?

But when it comes down to it, reading Secret Wars #1-#8 should be enough. You won’t have to read anything before. And Marvel’s checklist of books you could read serves only to give background to some of the spinoffs.

Is Marvel Secret Wars worth reading?

It is a story worth reading. So far, it’s good reading. It’s got me waiting until the next issue of Secret Wars comes out on the twelfth, which is pretty hard to wait. The story is wonderfully crafted, and I don’t think Doctor Doom will come out unscathed or empowered.

Do I need to read Secret Wars?

Not necessary, but a good read for Spidey fans. Also, while you’re in the neighborhood, I highly recommend you read Amazing Spider-Man #248. This has nothing to do with Secret Wars, but the issue includes “The Kids Who Collects Spider-Man,” which is one of the finest Spider-Man stories of all time.