What is ascon type of canal system?

What is ascon type of canal system?

Hint: Asconoid is the simplest type canal system found in sponges. This type of canal system is also called the ascon type. This canal system of sponges helps in food acquisition, respiratory gas exchange and in excretion too. Complete answer: Sponges are multicellular organisms.

What is Rhagon type of canal system?

Rhagon is a simplest type of canal system or water transport system found in the larval form of Spongilla called rhagon. It is conical in shape. In this type of canal system, the radial canal is in the from of circular chambers called flagellated chambers​. The water enters through ostia and leaves through osculum.

What is Syconoid canal system?

Syconoid type of canal system is the first stage above the asconoid type. • It is formed by the out pushing of the wall of an asconoid sponge at regular intervals into finger like projections, called radial canals.

Which is the simplest canal system?

A) Asconoid canal system: This is the simplest form of canal system present in Leucosolenia – like asconoid sponges. This is the only canal structure in which choanocytes are coated with spongocoel. Cells called podocytes are expressed by the ostia. Within them, these cells have an intracellular canal.

What is leucon type canal system?

Leucon type or Leuconoid canal system: It is the most complicated canal system. It develops from syconoid type due to folding of walls of radial canals. This type of canal system is found in leuconoid sponges. The radial symmetry of body is lost and thus, the canal system becomes very irregular.

Which type of canal system is found in Leucosolenia?

asconoid type
Its canal system is of asconoid type. The colony consists of few simple vase-like, cylindrical individuals each terminating in an osculum and united at their bases by irregular horizontal tubes. Leucosolenia reproduces both asexually and sexually.

What is Amphiblastula larva?

Definition of amphiblastula : a free-swimming larva of certain sponges that is essentially a blastula with small flagellated cells in one hemisphere and large nonflagellated cells in the other.

What is ascon sycon and leucon?

There are three types of sponge body forms: ascon, sycon, and leucon. Ascon sponges are the simplest and least common sponge body from. Leucon sponges are the most complex of the sponge body forms and also most common. These sponges have multiple dermal pores and can have more than one osculum.

Which of the following Porifera has ascon type of canal system?

Leucosolenia shows ascon type of canal system.

What is a Aquiferous system?

aquiferous system (plural aquiferous systems) (zoology) The system of connected water channels that is unique to sponges (Porifera). (zoology, dated) The hydrostatic skeleton of certain marine gastropods. (zoology, obsolete) The water vascular system of echinoderms.

Which cell are situated around spongocoel in ascon type canal system of sponge?

1.ASCON TYPE These pores are intracellular spaces within the tube like cells called porocytes. These pores extend radially into mesenchyme and open directly into the spongocoel. The spongocoel is the single largest spacious cavity in the body of the sponge.

What is amphiblastula and parenchymula?

Sponges like Leucosolenia, Scypha are stationary animals. Development in sponges is indirect involving a free-swimming larva – amphiblastula or parenchymula, for dispersal. Sycon life history involves amphiblastula larva.