What is jade grade?

What is jade grade?

“GRADE A JADE” The general conception of Grade A is of a high quality, or fine quality material in most circumstances but not in the case of Jade. This term only refers to the level of treatment a piece of Jadeite Jade has gone through and has nothing to do with quality.

Are there different jade grades?

Grade 1: Many inclusions, most of which are black. Grade 2: Many inclusions, most of which are white, with some black inclusions. Grade 3: Some inclusions, all are white or light coloured. Grade 4: Few inclusions, all white or light coloured.

What is industrial grade jade used for?

These properties make it a very desirable gemstone. Jade has been used to make a variety of jewelry items such as pendants, necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, beads, cabochons, tumbled stones, and other items.

What is imperial jade?

Imperial Jade – An Introduction In China, the rich, emerald green gemstone known as imperial jade is a symbol of status, of purity, of deep spirituality and of good health. It is no coincidence that in Chinese writing, the character for ‘jade’ is virtually identical to the character for ’emperor. ‘

What is the best grade of jade?

Grade A means that the jade is completely natural with absolutely zero treatment. This is the highest quality jadeite there is. Grade B means that it has been treated by being bleached or soaked in hydrochloric/sulfuric acid. This is done to clean the inside of impurities and inferior color.

How can you tell good quality jade?

The best jade is translucent and smooth to touch. Their color is vivid and striking that reflects light like water. There are opaque stones too, but they are quite inexpensive.

How do you tell what grade a jade is?

The best jade is translucent, vibrant in color and smooth to the touch. When evaluating jade, the most important aspects to consider are color, transparency and texture.

How do I know what grade my jadeite is?

The appearance of a Type A Jade Bangle can be any combination of these 4 factors: colour, translucency, texture and flaws. They can range from opaque to near transparent and can have fine to coarse texture appearance. The colours of these bangles are generally found in varying shades of Green, White and Lavender.

How many types of jade are there?

two different kinds
Rather there are two different kinds of jade — jadeite and nephrite. They differ in chemical composition and crystal structure, as well as hardness.

What color jade is best?

Hue (zheng): Top-quality jadeite is pure green. While its hue position is usually slightly more yellow than that of fine emerald and it never quite reaches the same saturation of color, the ideal for jadeite is a fine “emerald” green. No brown or gray modifiers should be present in the finished piece.