What should I wear for river rafting?

What should I wear for river rafting?

Most rafting experts will tell you that cotton clothing has a tendency to get wet and stay wet. That’s why it’s important to wear materials like wool, fleece, polyester, or any waterproof or quick drying fabric.

What do you wear rafting in Colorado in the summer?

All Season Clothes A paddling jacket is great for keeping spray off of your chest and arms. They’re lightweight, breezy and waterproof, making them a great clothing option for all river rafting trips. It will also help prevent sunburn and keep you warmer in cool weather.

Is the water cold for white water rafting in Colorado?

Is the water cold when rafting in Colorado? YES. Remember the river water used to be snow, now coming off the peaks of the nearby Colorado mountains. Temperatures can be 30 degrees and above in the early rafting season and get up to 55 degrees in the late rafting season.

What do you wear rafting in Colorado in June?

All whitewater rafting trips at the Colorado Adventure Center include:

  • Neoprene Wet Suit*
  • Type V Coast Guard approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD)
  • Helmet.
  • Paddle.

What pants do you wear rafting?

Quick-drying water shorts are a great option for days when the water is warm enough that wetsuits aren’t necessary—that way, you’re not just wearing your bathing suit against the rubber of the raft. Lightweight, quick-drying pants or synthetic leggings are a good choice, too.

Can I wear leggings white water rafting?

Why is Colorado River so cold?

The water flows through and turns the turbines and then flows out into the Colorado River. Because the water intake is significantly below the surface of Lake Powell, the water coming out of the outflow is significantly colder than surface temperatures.

How cold is the Colorado River right now?

The water is cold at 52 degrees as it comes out of the bottom of the dam. Air temperature follows the chart below.

Can I wear a pad while white water rafting?

Yes it’s no problem if you are on your period and you don’t wear tampons. When we are in the water for extended periods of time, our flow slows significantly or even stops. So, we have you wear your pad until right before we will be getting in the water for the day, then you can remove your pad and put it in the trash.

Do you wear shoes while white water rafting?

A: Closed-toe athletic training shoes, running shoes, or water shoes are the best choice for most river rafting trips. Whitewater-specific shoes are nice—but not necessary for Timberline trips. In cold temperatures or on high-intensity sections of whitewater, neoprene booties with rugged soles are often worn.

Is it safe to swim in the Colorado River?

The river’s temperature can vary from temperate in the shallows to near-freezing in open water. if you’re concerned about temperature drops in the water, be sure and bring an insulated swimming outfit, like a thermal swimming suit. In all situations, swimmers should exercise caution.