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How Much Is Secret Caverns?

How Much Is Secret Caverns?

$18 adults, $8 ages 6-12, under 6 free. Go to website and click on the “about” tab for prices and coupon.

Which is better Howe Caverns or Secret Caverns?

If you’ve never been to a cave before, do Howe Caverns first. It’s a classic Catskills destination, and it’s ideal for little kids and anxious folks. But if you want a weird walk through a touchable cave, Secret Caverns is more suited to you.

How long is the Secret Caverns tour?

One-hour guided tour through the caverns down to discover a 100-foot underground waterfall – thrills included!

How was Secret Caverns discovered?

Located just near upstate New York’s OTHER show caves, the Howe Caverns, Secret Caverns were originally discovered in 1928 by a pair of curious cows. Ads for the caves began popping up for miles prior to the caves, displaying rainbow-colored characters enticing drivers to the caves.

Are dogs allowed in Howe Caverns?

Whether taking a regular tour or a specialty tour, the 156 foot drop to this prehistoric world for a boat ride on an underground lake is one of geological amazement. Leashed dogs are allowed in all of the above ground cave areas as well as any of the walking tours. The tour takes about 80 minutes.

Who Discovered Secret Caverns?

Roger Mallery
Founded by local civil engineer Roger Mallery, the caverns have hosted Americas roadside travellers and seekers of subterranean knowledge and adventure since its discovery by intrepid bovine explorers in 1928.

How Safe Is Howe Caverns?

With a constant cave temperature of 52 degrees and waters at 42 degrees, Howe Caverns is safe and well-maintained these days.

Why are the Howe Caverns famous?

Howe Caverns is a popular tourist attraction, providing cave-goers with a sense of caving or spelunking, without needing the advanced equipment and training usually associated with such adventures. Howe Caverns is the second most visited natural attraction in New York State, after Niagara Falls.