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Is Batman the weakest superhero in Justice League?

Is Batman the weakest superhero in Justice League?

In terms of pure physical power, Wonder Woman, Superman and Martian Manhunter are stronger than Bruce. However, Batman isn’t the weakest league member when you expand the list. When it comes to a one-on-one, there are numerous past Justice League members outside the most popular characters that Batman could take out.

Who is the most badass Batman?

Zack Snyder’s Justice League Reasserts Ben Affleck as DC’s MOST BADASS Batman. Despite Whedon keeping a lighter personality for Affleck’s Batman, Zack Snyder’s Justice League reasserts him as the most badass Dark Knight ever.

What is the most violent Batman comic?

10 Most Brutal Moments In The Batman Comics

  • 6 Batgirl’s Last Stand (Batman: The Killing Joke)
  • 7 “This Is An Operating Table” (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns)
  • 8 The Death Of Bruce Wayne (Flashpoint: Batman-Knight Of Venagnce #1)
  • 9 Bane Breaks The Bat (Batman #497)
  • 10 The Death Of Thomas And Martha Wayne (Various)

What are Batman’s super powers?

Batman’s Superpowers

  • Absolute Knowledge. As the world’s greatest detective, Batman’s intellect is a major factor that justifies his high threat level.
  • Super Strength And Durability Via Super Pills.
  • Genie Magic.
  • Echolocation.
  • Magic Armors.
  • Blackrock Symbiote.
  • Speed Force Connection.
  • Divine Empowerment.

Can Batman beat the entire Justice League?

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How old is Batman in Batman Begins?

In Batman Begins, Bruce leaves home at 17, and returns 7 years later, making him 24 in the end. In The Dark Knight, the Joker asks the mob bosses what has changed that they now are afraid. He mentions that they have been this way for a year, since Batman had arrived.