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Where can I complain about landlords in Sharjah?

Where can I complain about landlords in Sharjah?

The Rent Regulation Department also handles leasing and rental disputes and enforces the rulings that are issued by the court. If you have any more questions regarding Sharjah rental law and tenants’ rights, you can contact the Rent Regulation Department at 06-593-1525.

How do I call Sharjah Municipality from Dubai?

Sharjah Municipality Contact Number: 993 (Call centre) | +971-6-562-3333.

How many municipalities are there in Sharjah?

9 municipalities
Emirate of Sharjah

Sharjah إِمَارَة ٱلشَّارِقَة Imārat al-Shāriqah
Seat Sharjah
Boroughs show 9 municipalities
• Type Absolute Monarchy

Who is responsible for painting landlord or tenant Sharjah?

This is in accordance with Article 16 of the Dubai Tenancy Law, which states: “Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the Landlord will, during the term of the Lease Contract, be responsible for the Real Property’ maintenance works and for repairing any defect or damage that may affect the Tenant’s intended use of the …

How can I complain to Sharjah Police online?

The public may file their complaints at or at [email protected] or call: 5637999.

Who is responsible for AC cleaning landlord or tenant Dubai?

Small wear and tear maintenance should be repaired and paid for by the tenant as well as any damages caused by misuse by the tenant. Landlords are responsible for major maintenance including electrical, mechanical, plumbing and air-conditioning when required.

How can I terminate my tenancy agreement in Sharjah?

Copy of the tenancy contract that is required to be cancelled. Declaration and undertaking from the landlord, provided that 15 days shall be passed since the expiration of the contract. Letter from the parties to the contracts stating their desire to terminate the tenancy relationship.