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How many CFM is a 60 gallon air compressor?

How many CFM is a 60 gallon air compressor?

10.2 CFM
The Campbell Hausfeld 60-gallon, 3.7 hp, vertical air compressor (VT6195) is ideal for a small shop, automotive enthusiast or serious DIY user. This compressor has high air flow of 10.2 CFM @ 90 PSI to power a wide variety of air tools for grinding, sanding or painting.

Are Campbell Hausfeld compressors good?

It runs very quiet. It also doesn’t run very often do to the big 26 gallon tank. The compressor is light enough to move around when it needs to be. It is very durable and reliable.

How many CFM is a 30 gallon air compressor?

Air Compressor, 30-Gallon Horizontal Tank, Portable, Single-Stage, 10.2CFM, 3.7HP, 1 Phase (Campbell Hausfeld VT6271)

Who makes Campbell Hausfeld air tools?

the Marmon Group
Campbell Hausfeld is a manufacturer of consumer, industrial, and commercial grade, low priced air compressors and related products, based in Harrison, Ohio. It is a major subsidiary of the Marmon Group which in turn is part of Berkshire Hathaway. It is one of the oldest companies in Ohio.

Is a 30 gallon air compressor big enough?

30 gallon air compressor is adequate enough for handling both residential and commercial tasks. They provide compressed air that can power up a variety of tools like paint sprayers, rock drills, atomizers, nail guns, wrenches and several others.

Where is Dewalt air compressors made?

DEWALT was founded in America and is still based in America. Each of our 7 US manufacturing facilities produces some of our most popular tools, including grinders, drills, impact drivers, and reciprocating saws.

How long has Campbell Hausfeld been around?

Campbell Hausfeld, a MAT Industries LLC brand, has been helping people get jobs done for more than 180 years. We started in 1836 by creating agricultural equipment to help make farmers’ work easier. Since 1940, we’ve produced air compressors to help build a growing America.

Who builds masterforce air compressor?

Menard, Inc.
Masterforce is one of the Menards house brands. In other words, this brand is owned by Menard, Inc. However, Menard doesn’t have any facilities or capabilities to make tools, so they have to contract it out to a different company.