Why xylenol indicator is used in EDTA titration?

Why xylenol indicator is used in EDTA titration?

A small amount of xylenol orange is added initially to the cobalt solution and it forms a complex with some of the Co2+. As the xylenol orange loses the metal ion, its color changes. Obviously, the indicator must not bind the metal ion as strongly as the complexing agent (EDTA) used for the titration.

How do you calculate the molarity of an EDTA solution?

  1. Molarity.
  2. EDTA (mol / L)
  3. = 0.01000 L × 0.01603 mol / L ×
  4. 1 mol EDTA.
  5. 1 mol Zinc.
  6. ×
  7. 0.01625 L.

How do you prepare xylenol orange indicator?

Xylenol Orange Indicator Solution: Mix 0.1 g of xylenol orange with 100 ml of water and filter, if necessary.

How do you calculate the normality of EDTA solution?

  1. You can use this formular, conc in g/dm3 =molar mass/valency * normality.
  2. The valency of EDTA is 4.
  3. Molar mass of EDTA is 294.
  4. Normality is 1.
  5. Substitute the above parameters in to the formulae.
  6. Conc in g/dm3 = 294/4 *1=73.5.
  7. Dry some quantity of EDTA and weight exactly 73.5g.

What is the formula of EDTA?

C10H16N2O8Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid / Formula

What is xylenol orange indicator?

Xylenol orange is an organic reagent, most commonly used as a tetrasodium salt as an indicator for metal titrations. When used for metal titrations, it will appear red in the titrand and become yellow once it reaches its endpoint.

Is xylenol orange a metal ion indicator?

Xylenol Orange tetrasodium salt is used as a photometric reagent and a metal indicator. It is a versatile indicator for EDTA titrations in acidic range.

What is the molecular formula of xylenol orange?

C31H32N2O13SXylenol orange / Formula

How do you prepare methyl orange indicator for titration?

Prepare as methyl orange solution: 0.01% solution in water. It is best for solutions with concentration > M/5. Mix 1 g of methyl orange powder with water. Use 2 drops for each 25 mL of solution in a titration.