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Can anyone buy from Surterra?

Can anyone buy from Surterra?

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Who owns Surterra Wellness?

William Wrigley
Surterra Wellness CEO William Wrigley: Cannabis is a fast-growing, exciting category.

What does MP mean at dispensary?

Payments. Payments are the different forms of payment accepted by a dispensary.

Is Surterra better than Trulieve?

Surterra Wellness is most highly rated for Compensation and benefits and Trulieve is most highly rated for Compensation and benefits….Overall Rating.

Overall Rating 2.4 2.5
Compensation and benefits 2.8 2.7
Job security and advancement 2.0 2.5
Management 2.1 2.4
Culture 2.4 2.6

Is Surterra edible?

Edibles – Cannabis-Infused Chocolates, Gummies & More | Surterra Wellness.

What does MP mean at Surterra?

Market Price
What does Market Price (MP) mean? The MP of flower is determined by evaluating key factors that contribute to the overall efficacy and consumer experience.

Can you get fired for having a medical card in Florida?

Florida does not offer employment protection for medical marijuana patients, meaning that testing positive for marijuana on a drug test is still considered failing and can leave workers vulnerable to termination or prohibit them from securing a new position.

What is a full spectrum vape?

Simply put, full-spectrum means that an oil or product contains all the cannabinoids that are naturally occurring in the cannabis plant, but let’s get right into it!

Can you vape RSO?

#2 – Yes, you can vape it. RSO was originally, an Ethanol derived product, usually used with some Ethanol still remaining in the Tincture. These days, the RSO I see is BHO or CO2 extracted – and thus – vey vapable. Still edible of course, you just squeeze the syringe into a gel cap and voila!