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What is scintillate?

What is scintillate?

scintillate \SIN-tuh-layt\ verb. 1 : to emit sparks : spark. 2 : to emit quick flashes as if throwing off sparks : sparkle. 3 : to throw off as a spark or as sparkling flashes.

What does the word Glister mean?

Definitions of glister. the quality of shining with a bright reflected light. synonyms: glisten, glitter, scintillation, sparkle. type of: brightness.

What are some antonyms for scintillate?

scintillating. adjective. Having brief brilliant points or flashes of light. Antonyms. dull unpolished colorless inauspicious unreverberant dark inglorious. glittering glittery glinting fulgid coruscant.

  • scintillating. adjective. Brilliantly clever. Antonyms. unintelligent unanimated. intelligent.
  • scintillating.
  • What is the meaning of all that glitters are not gold?

    “All that glitters is not gold” is an aphorism stating that not everything that looks precious or true turns out to be so. While early expressions of the idea are known from at least the 12th–13th century, the current saying is derived from a 16th-century line by William Shakespeare, “All that glisters is not gold”.

    What is the difference between transmutation and transformation?

    The key difference between transformation and transmutation is that transformation is an alteration of genetic composition through gene transfer to bring about altered characters while transmutation is the process that completely changes the organism through the influence of a mutation.

    What is transmuter Nen?

    Transmuters are one of the six types of Nen users in Hunter X Hunter universe. Transmutation type of Nen users have the power to change the properties of their aura.

    What does domestic felicity mean?

    great happiness
    Definition. great happiness and pleasure. a period of domestic felicity.

    Is Felicity a good name?

    Felicity is an English feminine given name meaning “happiness”. It is derived from the Latin word felicitas meaning “luck, good fortune”….Felicity (given name)

    Saint Felicity of Rome, a 2nd-century saint, inspired use of the name Felicity.
    Gender Female
    Word/name Latin and English
    Meaning “hope, happiness and good luck”